Gloucestershire Society for Botanical Illustration

The Society was formed in 1993 by Michael Hickey (teacher, botanist, writer and illustrator) to cater for all in the County interested in botanical illustration, whether as botanists, botanical illustrators, gardeners or those involved in the collection and appreciation of botanical works.

The Society offers a friendly and welcoming forum in and around Gloucestershire for like-minded individuals and welcomes artists of all levels – from raw beginners to experienced artists alike. Events are arranged throughout the year to cater for the wide and varied interests of members, whether painters or non-painters.

The benefits of membership include:-
• A half yearly newsletter containing reviews of events and details of forthcoming exhibitions and courses which may be of interest to members.
• Visits to gardens and places of botanical and artistic interest.
• Workshops and lectures by leading botanical illustrators, at very attractive fees.
• The opportunity to share your techniques with other members and learn from their experience.
• The opportunity to display examples of your work on the Society’s website with links to your own website.

Members of all levels are encouraged to exhibit their work at the Society’s annual exhibition which is non-selective.

Botanical Illustration

Botanical Illustration has been practised since classical times to record the nature of plants. These records were used to identify and record different species. Accuracy was critical, as plants were used for both medicine and food. The art of Botanical Illustration quickly became very exacting and is now enjoying a revival, with many fine works of art being produced today.

Decorative effect is not a primary consideration though many botanical drawings rank amongst the finest works of art. Illustrating the world’s flora for scientific purposes continues to be the preoccupation of many artists, and many fine examples in pencil, ink and watercolour will be found in the work of GSBI members.

Some of our more experienced members have won The Royal Horticultural Society’s Gold, Silver Gilt and Silver Medals both in the Grenfell (for art pictures) and Lindley (for scientific illustration) range. They have also exhibited and won medals in other prestigious exhibitions.