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Cath Hodsman is a skilled and widely acknowledged British wildlife artist. She is also one of the most technically accomplished and accurate natural history artists, specialising in entomology. Cath uses her skills in painting and drawing to champion conservation causes across the natural world. Through her artwork, she has been involved in many important conservation projects ranging from saving critically endangered beetles in Slovenia, helping save critically endangered British flora and fauna with The Species Recovery Trust, to establishing a 7000 sq mile Scottish Wildcat sanctuary in Scotland.

In addition, Cath sells her art in many specialist wildlife and natural history venues, including the world’s most famous museum – The Natural History Museum in London, in association with their Picture Library Service.

Cath also runs fascinating courses that combine painting with an exclusive look into the secret world of insects, using high powered microscopes and a huge range of incredible specimens to produce detailed and beautiful paintings and drawings.

In addition, Cath is also a member of the elite Wildlife Art Company This is an exclusive art agency set up by Mark Carwardine , BBC Zoologist, to meet the high demand for top quality natural-history illustrations. Some of the best natural-history artists across the world are with this agency, in order to guarantee top quality work. Through this agency she supplies artwork for various wildlife magazines.

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